Game Servers

Garry's Mod

Create your epic community alongside Hyplex Servers. We will make sure your server stays up while you are off developing it. No need to hesitate with Hyplex's performance.


Build your Rust community with Hyplex, we will make sure your server stays up while you are dealing with the development.

Counter Strike: Source

From $0.50 per slot, it is easy to create a CSS server for friends, for communities and for yourself. Hyplex makes it a smooth experience for you.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Want to surf? Want to 1v1? Want a high quality 128 tick Counter Strike Server? Hyplex guarantee performance with their high grade hardware.


Build with us, host your minecraft server and have the ability to upload any .jar you want! Allowing you to make a completely custom experience for your players.

Team Fortress 2

Creating a Team Fortress 2 server is easy, whether you are running a CPU intensive community or a server for friends, we make sure your server remains balanced and lag-free.

Arma 3

Create a powerful Arma 3 community with Hyplex Servers, run on industry leading hardware with a reliable easy to use control panel.


Blackwake servers at just $0.50/slot make it easy to launch into the world of pirates and bluecoats!

Assetto Corsa

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