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99% Uptime

Hyplex Servers has built a new network with more powerful hardware and industry leading software to guarantee uptime.


Hyplex Servers provides customers with an award winning control panel with one-click installations to make it easier to manage a server.


Running on powerful Intel® Core™ Xeon and i7 processors, Hyplex Servers guarantees performance and reliability.

Data Recovery

Hyplex Servers now takes daily off-network backups so that even if the worst takes place, your files are safe!

Affordable Pricing - Always

With the large scale that Hyplex Servers sells on, we can lower our prices so that they suite everyone.

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Hyplex Servers can be your home for everything you need to start your community. All it takes is you!

  • Game Servers

    Powerful Game Servers ready to deploy at the touch of a button. With secure firewalls and anti-virus software. Your game server is secure on our network.

  • Domain Names

    Hyplex Servers is dedicated to building your community faster and safer with free web hosting, free automatic donation system and a free SSL certificate.

  • Fast Setup

    Hyplex Servers can setup your game server in just under 30 seconds. This is thanks to the speed of our SSDs and network, transferring new files at blazing fast rates.

  • Dedicated Servers

    Hyplex Servers is ready to move with you. Do you require something more? Something bigger? We can provide dedicated solutions for your community to keep it striving!

  • Virtual Servers

    Are you wanting an independent way to run your community but don't require a large dedicated machine? Our Virtual Servers provide a fast reliable service for your community.

  • Security

    Here at Hyplex Servers we are committed to providing a safe and secure network. Protecting your files and personal information behind industry leading firewalls and security.

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